A Better Approach To Divorce

There is an old, bitter joke among lawyers that says, "A good divorce is one in which both sides leave angry."

There may have been some truth to that saying in the past, when divorces were commonly resolved only through going to trial. Today, however, most divorces are settled through a negotiated settlement. The spouses and their attorneys meet and hash out an agreement that can cover property division, child custody, visitation and other thorny issues.

Negotiation has many advantages over going to trial, but it is not easy, by any means. The help of a skilled attorney is crucial.

Careful, Compassionate Legal Help

As a lawyer in Columbia, Maryland, my goal is to help my clients resolve divorce and other family law disputes in a way that respects their rights, protects their children and prepares them for the next phase of their lives.

I have been trained in collaborative law, an approach that uses mediation and other techniques to resolve disputes in a respectful and effective way. However, there are some disputes that can't be resolved through negotiation. When that happens, I have the skills and experience to argue effectively for my clients in court.

What Is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law is an increasingly popular approach to resolving disputes, primarily in family law. It rests on the belief that the parties and their lawyers will work together to find a mutually acceptable resolution to their dispute.

Perhaps needless to say, collaborative law is not the right approach for every divorce. Spouses who cannot trust each other to negotiate in good faith should seek out a different approach.

When collaborative law is a good fit, however, it helps people resolve property division and other issues in a way that gives the parties more control over their outcomes while minimizing the bitterness and unresolved feelings that so often linger on after a divorce.

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I have been a lawyer for nearly 30 years and I have experience with a wide variety of legal and factual issues. In addition to divorce, I work with other issues in family law, estate planning and criminal defense.