Legal Representation With Integrity, Honesty And Compassion

I am attorney Ellen G. Spencer, and I have been representing clients in family law and other legal areas for nearly 30 years in Columbia, Maryland, and throughout Howard County and the surrounding area.

In my experience, the best results come not from slick legal maneuvering or from angrily attacking the other side, but from thorough, patient and professional representation.

That is especially true in divorce and family law cases, where clients' emotions run high. I understand where my clients are coming from when they are angry at an ex, but I counsel them to keep their emotions to the side as they work to find the best resolution they can.

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Trained In Collaborative Law

I have been trained in collaborative law, an approach to dispute resolution in which the parties work together to negotiate a settlement. Collaborative law uses mediation and other techniques to break through the adversarial nature of our judicial system so that the parties can be free to reach an agreement.

Collaborative law can be especially helpful in divorce and other family law issues that involve young children. Even after a divorce, parents typically must cooperate for years whenever they coordinate custody and visitation issues, and therefore a scorched-earth approach to the law can be destructive to parental relationships and cause harm to the children.

However, collaborative law is not for everyone or every situation. I work closely with my clients to determine what approach will work best for them.

Estate Planning And More

In addition to divorce and family law, I represent clients in DUI/DWI cases and other criminal defense.

I also help clients protect their property and prepare themselves and their families for difficult transitions through careful drafting of wills, trusts and other estate planning documents.

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If you need an experienced lawyer for family law, estate planning or more, contact my office. Call 410-988-4960 or contact my office by email.